Georges Hobeika
May 7, 2014
From Baskinta To The world!
January 4, 2020
The companions of the family of the musician Rafik Hobeika in the first family meeting were very special. This presence gave an artistic flair and the sophistication of this family carried a fingerprint in contemporary art. The musician Rafik Hobeika printed modern art with an indelible imprint and in various fields not only with melodies but also with colors of paintings and Icons and the continuity of the advancement of art continues in the family, which we will talk about in detail later

The first meeting was very special, as it was a meeting for acquaintance and convergence after departure, and it was clear the extent of love and mutual longing between members of the large family. We came from different Lebanese regions this meeting occurred in 2016

It was a special meeting, as mentioned above. We gathered in the courtyard of St. Joseph Church in Baskinta and participated in a festive mass The ceremony was chaired by Father Jean-Paul Hobeika, servant of Saint Mansour Parish, in Naccache

Who would have imagined a meeting that brings together the family, this family meeting was a critical turning point in our history and opened the many doors to discussions that lasted for hours and early planning for what might happen later

The meeting continued at the lunch table

On that day in September, after the Divine Liturgy, we headed to the mountain, where we had a general tour on most of the possible horizons in the event that our cohesion was complete and the unity of our family was ongoing and our ties were strong. We were very keen on the issue of unity and bond and creating strong foundations from which we can cross to A promising and better future has always been our endeavor to continue with what we started, and to closely follow through with the details of which family we want

  • Do we want an economically strong family.
  • Do we want a family with a unified decision.
  • Do we want a family with a social structure
  • Do we want a unified family without disputes?

Despite all the proposals, we had firm belief that unity is strength and unity is unearthed by individuals and that being one or dispersed we choose unity and we choose to continue this option despite it is a new experience but it is the right choice and bold decision

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