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May 5, 2014
Georges Hobeika
May 7, 2014
The martyr Minister and former MP , founder and leader of the Promise Party الوعد , Elias Joseph Hobeika

the mysterious man, the brave hero who did not hesitate to defend his land and his sanctities when the need arises, at sixteen years old he was present in all military and political fields, he held many positions and was the most controversial man in Lebanese politics and the most prominent player


In the early stages of the war he was known as Edward and then as H.K, after a machine gun called a ‘Heckler and Koch’ which he used in the battle of Beirut and the Karantina in 1978 …

The H.K

in 1979 promoted to security chief of the Lebanese Forces as head of Intelligence. Hobeika married Gina Raymond Nachaty in 1981. He had a baby girl Sabine in 81, and she died in tragic circumstances in 1982. He had a boy Joseph in 1983.He was assassinated on January 24, 2002.

  • He was fond of security, hardware, and intelligence
  • Familiar with what is going on inside the Christian community
  • Hobeika has become a constant figure in the domestic politics game
  • Are all parties comfortable with his assasination?

Elie Hobeika, martyr of the Christian resistance in Lebanon and the East a Christian hero, resistance fighter, and deserves respect

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