Our preparations
May 4, 2014
Elias J Hobeika
May 6, 2014

I chose to reunite and made this option a march and destiny , leaving all contradictions as a secure aspect of what will come to this option and this fate that will inevitably bear fruit , this fate is a comprehensive vision at all levels for a family scope.

Of course , it was said that i am seeking from this work for personal benefit . Criticism is an easy subject , especially if it is not based on facts. But my goal of this work is the general family benefit and every work in the family domain focuses in this field

We as a microcosm from the larger society that is homeland, seek personal and general development based on the unlimited individual and societal effort and through constructive action and continuous effort to reach goal and achieve what is meant to be achieved.

Judging from the existing non-existent realization There are a lot of dangers that lie in wait for us and its types are many , the most important of which are the economic risks represented by the labor market and self-employment . There are also influencing matters of the future generations , such as those that are concerned with training and preparing to face the future.

1-Knowing the competence of our sons and daughters

2-Knowing their scientific specialization and seeking advance training

3-Having ample amount of information on daily details to avoid risks

4-Find quick alternatives when taking risks

On the general family level , it is our duty to strive to do all the economic power that we have been given by pushing it forward and developing it day by day to serve our community and our family.

Elias A Hobeika – Founder

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